Thursday, October 14, 2010

"Waiting for Superman"

Have you guys heard about this movie? I'm shocked at how many people haven''s only been talked about by some of the biggest names in the country right now, Oprah, Bill Gates, the facebook guy (yeah, I know his name, but I like to call him that), even Diddy (you drink his vodka because he tells you to so you should probably go see this documentary!!!)...this documentary is going to change the way you view our educational system here in the United States.

If you are a parent, auntie, school teacher, mentor, or just someone who cares about our schools here in the U.S. you have to go see this movie...they're doing a good job keeping it under wraps because it makes our public school system look like crap-this is more of a reason to go see it.  Get your people together, and go out to see this movie-it's UBER important!!!

We're hosting a screening this Saturday, October 16th, at the AMC Lennox Theater at 1pm-hope to see you there.

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